Our annual "Herbstsprechertreffen" took place from 18th until 20th September. Due to the current corona situation it had to held as a digital event. Our regional forum from Mainz-Wiesbaden organized a great program with many good ideas despite the challenges a digital event comes with. Beside the main speakers meeting there was the possibility to meet the other speakers on a convivial get-together-evening with some earlier sent vine and snacks. On Saturday evening all participants got a pizza by a delivery service arranged by the organizer and followed by an exciting pub-quiz.

Earlier this day the old federal board was displaced, and a new federal board was elected. A great thanks to the old federal board with his members Tobias Wilcke, Emiel Dobbelaar, Melanie Walther, Tim Kröber and Karen Hindricks for very good work in the last year and congratulations to the new board with its new members Felcitas von Usslar, Lorin Steinhäuser and Chris Heintz. Still remaining in the federal board are Karin Hendricks and Emiel Dobbelaar. Emiel was elected as new chairperson.