Just before the "GDCh Scientific Forum Chemistry 2017", the yearly speaker's meeting of all regional speakers took place. Beside discussing general topics regarding national and regional JCF issues, a new national leader board was elected.

Marie Oehmichen, who was responsible for Social Media and supporting the regional groups, was elected as a new leader and is now responsible for Social Media and public relations. New team members are Willis Muganda (Siegen), who is responsible for international affairs and advertisement media, Bianca Schmid (Berlin), responsible for regional groups, congress material and equity, Christoph Wulf (Rostock), who will take over the finances, and Tobias Bachmann (Erlangen), who takes care for the website.

We thank the former board members Sebastian Beil, Torsten John, André Augustin and Sebastian Sobottka for their great work, which included amongst others the realization of the JCF Flex-Fonds, a great source for realizing new and outstanding projects within the regional grous, and for their commitment to international networking, e.g. the international young chemist's network (IYCN) and the european young chemist's network (EYCN)!