From 6th until 7th November 2019 the 21st Frankfurt job market took place. With countless information stands, talks from science related companies and workshops about application process, the event was a complete success. The live job interview with followed elucidations and discussion at the end was one of the highlights. The JCF thanks the JCF Frankfurt for the excellent organisation and all the best to the job seekers.


On 14th October 2019 at Evonik in Essen the annual conference of the GDCh division Association for Chemistry and Economics took place under the topic "Tanker or Speedboat? Agile Management in the Chemical Industry". The interactive formats stimulated discussions resulting in good networking possibilities for the Young Chemists and Young Business Chemists. Melanie Walther represented the JCF national board at the conference.

As the freshly elected national board was unfortunately indisposed, Tobias Bachmann and Willis Muganda of the former national board attended the retreat of the GDCh regional structures at 11nd October 2019 in Frankfurt on the Main and presented the JCF national board activities.

You can find the protocol of the retreat here.