We are the JCF (Young Chemists Society) Siegen of the GDCh (Society of German Chemists). As an active association in Siegen-Wittgenstein. We are always happy to welcome new young researchers! Feel free to look at our local network and become part of a large community with many activities. Of course, you can also stop by and get to know us personally.

The speaker team consists of Aliia Ibragimova (chair), Svea Stepping and Till Staschko (co-chair) and Andreas Jagic as treasurer.

Siegen is a city with around 100,000 inhabitants and many historical buildings such as in the historic old town with the Upper and Lower Castles. Not to be forgotten: Our Nikolai Church with the "crown" (“Krönchen”), the symbol of the city, which can also be found in our logo. As the birthplace of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens, the prize named after him is awarded here every five years.