Aim of the Initiative

Many school children are taught about natural sciences relatively late, which makes the access to scientific topics more difficult for them. Apart from the importance of science for technical careers, there are many other reasons to make it more accessible. Every human and especially children is curious about phenomena in our environment. “Why is the sky blue, why are clouds white?” It is the responsibility of science to answer questions such as this, so we understand the nature that surrounds us. Empiricism deals with the systematic conduction of experiments and the generalizations that can be derived from them. This scientific approach can already be conveyed to kindergarten children using simple yet exciting examples. This can enable them to acquire knowledge themselves in the future. Therefore, the "Young Spirit" initiative was started by Evonik in 2003 and aims to arouse children's enthusiasm for the natural sciences at an early age.

Young Chemists in Kindergartens

The JungChemikerForum actively supports the "Young Spirit" initiative. This means that young chemists visit kindergartens for a few hours and carry out didactically embedded experiments with the children. The experiments are not only fun but can give new insights to young and old. We work closely with the educators so that the experiments can then be carried out independently with other groups.

If you feel like doing scientific experiments in your kindergarten, just write us an e-mail and we will put you in contact with a regional Young Chemists Forum near you.

Are you a JungChemikerForum and want to take part in the "Young Spirit" initiative? - Then just contact the JCF board and you will receive all the information you need.