JCF Teams

The JCF Teams are new national wide structures for our members. They are connected in 7 different teams, dealing with socially important topics like equal opportunities, sustainability, science & education and start-ups. Moreover, there is Team Podcast which produces a monthly podcast with interesting guests and the experiment of the month. Team Editorial Office collects all the news and information for our members and publishes a newsletter as well as articles and social media posts. Team members coming from all over the country get to know each other and working together on important topics. Read here about our different teams and their projects. All teams are looking forward for new members, ideas and inspiration.

Team Equal Opportunities

In the Team “Equal Opportunities” we work continuously on the ideas and insights developed in our regular workshops. We have set ourselves the goal of providing comprehensive information on the important and highly topical issue of equal opportunities and highlighting grievances. For us, the focus is especially on equality during studies and doctorate.

Team Sustainability

Sustainable development is a timely topic with high societal relevance and chemistry plays an essential part in it. JCFs "Team Sustainability" deals with the fundamental question: "What can we as young chemists do to create a more sustainable future and how can we inspire others to act?". The team has already discussed a lot of ideas and initiated projects for the cause and we are always looking for more creative ideas. We welcome new, motivated team members who want to take part in the realization of these ideas. Our current projects include a sustainability guideline, a survey to evaluate the adequacy of sustainability in education and a white paper that represents the opinions of young chemists on the matter in the context of the UN SDGs

Team Editorial Office

The JCF editors collect, examine and sort all important information from the GDCh office, the regional spokespersons or the JCF national board plus external events and information. Once in a month the team bundles all the news in a newsletter for all JCF interested parties with general information about the JCF´s activities, events and dates, scholarships, awards and more. Moreover, the team publishes articles for the homepage and creates our social media posts.

Team Mental Health

Team Mental Health deals with the challenging balance between studies, education, family, friends and other aspects. To be available at any time and the fast-moving times create pressure, which cannot be compensated in any case. Pressure can also come from single persons at work or at home. These and other aspects are discussed at Team Mental Health.

Team Podcast

This team creates the monthly published JCF Podcast "Alles Chlor!" with interesting guests. The topics vary in each episode. We handle both organizational and content-related matters. Do you want to get involved creatively, editorially, or organizationally? Do you enjoy podcasts, media and exciting topics related to natural sciences? Then just drop by this team!

Team Science & Education

Team Science & Education deals with topics concerning all young chemists such as open access publications, the rights of PhD students and the advancement of the scientific youth. We are currently working on an escape room for secondary school students, where they need to solve chemistry-related riddles to open a treasure chest. We are still searching for dedicated members that want to support the implementation of various ideas.