The Young Chemists Network (JCF) is the organization of the young members of the GDCh. The young chemists include the approximately 9000 studenst, trainee and young members of the GDCh. The JCF is divided into local regional sections, whose activities enrich the offerings at their respective locations. The JCF is represented at almost all German universities.

What can you expect from JCF?

Regional level

The JCF is represented nationwide in 54 regional forums. Chemistry enthusiasts from all major chemistry locations in Germany have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas on site. Joint actions can be planned in regular get-togethers, friendships can be made, or you can vent your frustration about the tough chemistry education together. In addition to regular get-togethers, many regional forums also organize exciting lectures, excursions to various companies, information evenings on career entry, Christmas lectures, and much more. Have you become curious? Then click on the menu icon in the upper left and see if your city also has a JCF regional forum!

National level

In addition to the regional forums, one of the main tasks of the JungChemikerForum is to promote the supra-regional networking of our members. To this end, there are numerous events in person as well as digital, various projects, and the JCF teams. Regional forums can also apply for funds for innovative and networking ideas of two or more regional forums.

Regional Offers

All information collected in one place

Especially at the beginning, it is difficult to keep an overview of all the information and offers of the JungChemikerForum and the regional forums. Here it is worth taking a look at our info brochure! This is primarily aimed at newly elected regional speakers to introduce them to the possibilities and processes in the regional forums. But this brochure is also worth its weight in gold for all other members and interested parties to gain a real insight into the work of the JCF.

National Offers


In our teams "Equal Opportunities", "Sustainability", "Editorial", "Podcast", "Science & Education", "Mental Health" and "StartUp", members from all over Germany and even Austria work on exciting topics and projects. The JCF gives its members the opportunity to realize themselves and implement visions and ideas. The teams offer the ideal opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Speaker Meetings

Twice a year, speaker meetings take place, where all speakers and their deputies from the individual regional forums can meet and get to know each other. Current information about the GDCh and the JCF is announced and discussed. Votes and elections take place and networking is the main focus!

National Events

Other events also take place on a national level and bring our members together. In addition to job fairs and lectures, there are many other exciting events and actions! For example, if you are planning to change locations for your master's degree, take a look at our section "Germany's master's programs present themselves". Here, master's students from various universities in Germany report on their experiences in the master's program at their location.

Regionalforen EN

There are over 50 different JCF regional sections, so called "Regionalforen" in Germany.