Spring Symposium

The annual spring symposium is a platform for (young) students to present their work either by a talk or a poster. Every year, another regional group organizes the spring symposium.

Spokespersons Meeting

All speakers of the regional groups of the JCF meet twice a year to coordinate their work and discuss about different projects. At the fall's meeting, the national leaders are elected.

JCF Retreat

The aim of this event is the networking and idea exchange between the different regional groups, leading to new ideas in a relaxing atmosphere. The event is supported by scientific and organizational talks, as well as workshops about different topics, teambuilding events and evening activities.


CheMento is a mentoring program of the GDCh. During 1 year, a PhD-student is directly mentored by one mentor from the industry, leading to a very intensive support and experience exchange. More informations can be found here.

Job fairs

The JCF job fairs combine informations about companies with personal contacts. What can I expect from my profession, what is expected from me? How do I apply and where? Questions like this are answered here.

Congress Material

Here you find useful things like banners, roll-ups and coffee machines for meetings, talks and other JCF-events.

Young Spirit 

One aim of the JungChemikerForum is to offer already kids opportunities to gain fun in the natural sciences. Therfore, our members visit kindergardens and accompany children during their first experiments, where they get to know basic natural phenomenas.


With our flyers, we have a new, up-to-date and visually appealing advertisement material.