Your friends and you are going on a Sunday picnic. The sun is shining, and it is finally time to relax. You've chosen a secluded forest area as your destination - because, well, you are into adventure! Arriving deep in the forest, you discover an old house. Just at this moment, a scream comes from this house. "Let's go see if anyone needs help!" someone calls out. You enter the house and discover a person in a lab coat propped up on the ground. After a brief
moment of shock, you pull yourself together and try to get a handle on the situation. No, of course, you don't take selfies in the old chaotic lab and especially not with the unconscious scientist. Instead, you call the emergency services, give first aid and take on the challenge of deciphering what actually happened here. On the phone, you learn that the rescue service won't arrive for at least an hour. You see the flashing countdown displaying 70 minutes. Next to it is a note: "If this time expires without me having taken the next step of the experiment, the work of my life will be for nothing". You agree that you should help the scientist. Full of curiosity, you go through the laboratory and discover a lot of tips about his experiment.


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