Dear teachers, 


Thank you for your interest in the ChemEscape! On this page you will find all important information about it.

With the chemistry escape game ChemEscape, we want to inspire students to study STEM subjects, especially chemistry. Playfully, students will perform some exciting experiments to get to the solution of the puzzle.

Who is the offer aimed at? To high school students and students from vocational schools.

The project is designed so that it can be supervised by a teacher within one lesson (90 min). The subject content is adapted to the core curriculum (in Germany). There are a total of six different tasks to be solved, each task contains a practical part in which experiments must be carried out.

The following tasks are part of ChemEscape: lemon battery, trace detection using fluorescence, pH experiment, dilution series, precipitation reactions, and an aroma memory.

For each task there is an information sheet for students and teachers. While the first one contains the experimental descriptions, the second one contains information on the theoretical background of the experiments. For an easy preparation there is another document with the preparation tasks, which must be done by the teacher before the game starts (about 30 minutes). And a last document contains the hints and solutions. The documents with information, the students should not see, are provided with a password so that curious students cannot look them up in advance. You will receive the password from us by mail.

In the game, it is useful to divide the students into small working groups. The experiments can be played independently. Each group can solve as many experiments and puzzles as they can manage. At the end, the final code is determined together.

Depending on the level of knowledge of the students as well as your didactic goals, it would be possible, for example, to have short presentations on the theoretical background of the individual tasks held before the game lesson. There are no limits to the design of the lesson, and you can decide how best to integrate the project into your lessons.

The preparations to be made for the experimental part can also be found on our website (you will receive the access code by mail). Most of the equipment is included in the ChemEscape box - these are conveniently sent to schools by mail (only within Germany). Some materials are not included in the box, including the chemicals needed. For good planning and preparation, these materials are also listed in the preparation document.

Incorporating the ChemEscape into the classroom will provide an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge already learned in a fun way and, if necessary, to acquire new knowledge in a hands-on way. It can also make an important contribution to better absorbing and consolidating the material covered in exams and school-leaving examinations. During the times affected by the pandemic, students will benefit from interactive group work with an entertaining experimental component. You are guaranteed a good change of pace in class! ☺

We hope, you enjoy implementing the ChemEscape in your lessons!

Your JCF Team Science & Education