Focus of Work of the JungChemikerForums for the GDCh Board 2020-2023

Here you can find the most import points of our program briefly summarized. If you want to know more, you can download the full program here.

Our focus for the GDCh Board 2020-2023!

  • Link members better: Shape membership to be attractive - bring fresh wind to GDCh.
  • Develop cooperations with the district association chairpersons: One joint appearance for one GDCh! - Use and promote synergy!
  • Strengthen cooperation with specialist groups: Use mutual benefits - joint events and exchange of ideas.
  • Improved transparency: Opening activities and a more transparent communication of board and office.
  • Association policy initiative: JCF candidates are supported by a committee - continuous development of ideas, current topics and opinions from young members.
  • Positioning in public: Improve public relations - representation of Chemistry in Germany - clear, self-reflective voice within GDCh - open and scientific discussion about controversies - responsibility about knowledge in our discipline.


  • Strengthen positions of PhD candidates: Working reality of PhD candidates - transition to professional career.
  • Establish Universities as modern employers: Strengthen mid-faculty positions - maintain quality in teaching.
  • Publications: Formulate modern guidelines for publications - ensure adequate quality - adulteration of results is a large problem in science.


  • Topics in Industry: Participate in open questions in both industry and society (digitization, sustainability, equality of opportunities, new ways of working) - beyond using phrases - stimulate open discussions.
  • Promote cooperative work: Network of both professionals and scientists - exchange between industry and science - promote new possibilities, inspiring discussions and innovative ideas
  • The step towards industry - support young members: Give experience to the next generation - exchange for orientation in industry and for application processes - industry can come in touch with motivated young chemists.