I am Katharina S. Uebele, and I am your candidate for the industry list.

What is your professional/academic background?

I studied business chemistry at the CAU Kiel and th WWU Münster. During this time, I was curious about gaining practical experience in the industry, so I did internships at Frieslandcampina, Accenture and Clariant. I also spent one semester abroad at the University of York, where I specialised in Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industrial Technology in the group of Prof. James Clark.

What are your plans for the future?

In April 2019 I start my first job as a consultant around digitalisation in the production at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

How have you been in contact with the GDCh so far?

Since my first semster 2012, I am an active member of the German Chemical Society. I started in the regional group of Kiel (JCF Kiel), where I was the second chair for a while and among others responsible for the on-site management and part of the core team of the JCF spring symposium 2016 in Kiel. Around this time (2015) I founded together with a nationwide team the “JuWiChem – Junge WirtschaftschemikerInnen” (young business chemists), where I was as the head of the national board for two years responsible for building up our network. I took the project lead for our excursion events “JuWiChem meets Industry”, the yearly event “Chemie in Praxis” (chemistry in practice) in Berlin (with topics such as 2016 Startups, 2017 equality, 2018 digitalisation), GDCh lectures at universities and the JCF-EYCN-JuWiChem symposium “Sustainability” at the ACHEMA exhibition 2018. Since 2018 I am board member of the GDCh-section VCW (Network for chemistry and industry), part of the VCI working group “Circular economy” and since 2019 part of the advisory board of the GDCh members journal “Nachrichten aus der Chemie”.

What was your most exciting project so far and why?

Founding and building up the young business chemists network was so far the most exciting project for me, as we were able to develop our own ideas, find creative ways and execute them independently without any known paths or role models. The whole responsibility and development of the network was completely depending on our input and work, which gave us a unique understanding for our members and our own motivation. We defined the national structures, reachable goals, and internal processes, while figuring out how to serve a nationwide network with a five members board. One highlight of this time was also my last project for the JuWiChem, the JCF-EYCN-JuWiChem Symposium “Sustainability” at the ACHEMA exhibition 2018, where a newly formed team of young chemists from all over Germany took the responsibility for this new concept.

What would you like to achieve in the GDCh executive board?

I think the GDCh is a very diverse network with a huge potential for its members. During my time in the executive board I would like to make that potential accessible for all members. Thereby, my focus is with the interests and development of the 10,000 young chemists. By founding a JCF working group for this election, the young chemists join their forces for the first time to bring their opinions and topics in the discussions of the GDCh board. The working group collects the ideas and opinions of the young members also beyond the election period. Frank and I want to represent together the interests of all young members of the GDCh, whereby I focus additionally on the industry-specific topics, such as the support of cooperation’s within the GDCh and the step for students into the industry.
Please have a look on our whole program on this website and send me an email in case of any questions or ideas!

Where can one meet you?

In March at the JCF spring symposium in Bremen of course!
Besides that, currently at the regional JCF Düsseldorf events, or events of the chemical industry network (VCW)

How to contact you best?

For questions & ideas you can always reach me via mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.