On Sunday, November 24th, Frank and I met with the new JCF board in Frankfurt to prepare the visit to the GDCh office the following day. Some of our projects and topics overlap and can be implemented more easily with common energy.

On Monday, November 25th at 09:00 a.m. the time had come, and 7 people arrived at the GDCh office on time. We were welcomed directly in the meeting room by Mr. Koch, Mr. Karger and Max.

As new GDCh board members, we wanted to get to know the office employees and understand their processes better in order to implement our projects faster and more goal-oriented. So that the office does not have double effort, we invited ourselves to the appointment of the BV. Frank and I only partially hung ourselves on the agenda of the JCF BV for the day. After a joint discussion with member marketing, we were both guests in the office of our managing director, Mr. Koch. After more than an hour of discussion about our ideas, the previous work of the board, slide rules from India and the cooperation with the office, we said goodbye for lunch. However, this had to be done quickly, as the commercial director, Mr. Kilz, had already been waiting for us, but had given us permission for a quick lunch. Afterwards he gave us insights into the world of numbers and shares of the GDCh and answered any more or less intelligent question. Since we also exceeded our timeframe with him, we joint the BV in the middle of discussions with the education, career and events departments (Mr. Weinig, Ms. Kapatsina, Ms. Bundschuh) and were able to present some more ideas. Last but not least, after a small final round, we took an obligatory photo and said goodbye.

Thank you very much for the hospitality of the GDCh office!

We'll be happy to drop by again wink