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Sustainable development is a timely topic with high societal relevance and chemistry plays an essential part in it. JCFs "Team Sustainability" deals with the fundamental question: "What can we as young chemists do to create a more sustainable future and how can we inspire others to act?". The team has already discussed a lot of ideas and initiated projects for the cause and we are always looking for more creative ideas. We welcome new, motivated team members who want to take part in the realization of these ideas. Our current projects include a sustainability guideline, a survey to evaluate the adequacy of sustainability in education and a white paper that represents the opinions of young chemists on the matter in the context of the UN SDGs

What does sustainability mean for young chemists and how can one make ones actions sustainable? These are the questions that the JCF Team Sustainability followed up on in the months of April through October 2020. The result: A general guideline for young chemists. 

The guideline is meant to highlight easy ways to promote sustainability and act sustainably for all young chemists’ networks. For clarity, it was divided into the categories of advertising, events and communication. Key aspects are general environmental awareness, reducing waste, paying attention to carbon neutrality, and spreading the word beyond young chemists’ networks. 

After a unique campaign to acquire support from young chemist networks across the globe, JCF is happy to announce that the guideline has found international interest and endorsement. Current supporters include: Jungchemiker (Austria), YoungSCS (Switserland), RJ-SCF (France), JP-SBQ (Brazil), GQJ (Portugal) as well as the European Young Chemists Network (EYCN) and the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN). The latter two have amplified the search for translations and are continuing to play the major part in this, helping to increase the reach of the guideline. More translations are already in the making - so keep your eyes open for more languages and collaborations to come! 

We owe big gratitude to all supporters and are happy to see the international young chemists community come together to stand united in the mission for sustainable development.


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Team Sustainability

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